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To promote, foster and develop Rugby & Sport in Workington for the benefit of the entire community

A Brief History
Workington Zebras RFC & Community Sports Club was established in 1877 as
a rugby union club, playing its first match against Whitehaven. In around 1890 the club acquired its nickname ‘the Zebras’ originating from returning Boer war veterans who watched a game and, not impressed by the teams play that day, described them as running around like a herd of ‘Zebras’. The Workington Football Club played its first match in November 1877, against the Whitehaven Club which had been formed in 1876.


Workington Zebras RFC is a non-profit community focused club and we value our partnerships within the local area. All of our players are
amateur and no money raised is used to pay playing fees. Without the
support of volunteers, community groups and local business recent
developments would not have been possible and your continued
support helps to make the following possible:

• Coaching in Schools
• Youth teams from 13 to 18 age group
• Improvement of facilities and equipment

We offer most of the traditional sponsorship opportunities you would
associate with a rugby or football club but we would advise that whatever you have in mind the first thing to do is contact us: you can also download our sponsorship guide from the documents section

Sponsorship Coordinator: Bob McGuirk
tel: 07527386612 e-mail: bobjmcguirk@aol.com

Ladies Rugby: Sarah Carter
tel: 01900 381530 e-mail: s-2006@hotmail.co.uk

Youth Rugby: Phil Atherton
tel: 01900 604824 e-mail: philip.atherton@tiscali.co.uk